Great ideas can migrate across industries, platforms and even across time. Many of the best often bear repeating. When I come across an article, blog post, or research brief that I think might be of particular interest to you, I’ll provide a link for easy access. To make it even simpler, you can also receive these links via RSS feed or Twitter.

Recent Links

Valencia School of Tasting Promotes Excellence

Chef Maria Jose San Roman showcases event in Valencia.

Much More Than Olive Oil

The Olive Oil Source has always been a favorite in the kitchen. Now it’s going to start showing up as party favors as well.

The Olive Oil Source Introduces 2014 Limited Edition Olio Nuovo

Every year, it gets more fabulous. I LOVE this fresh oil and it won’t last more than a few weeks.

The New/Old Way to get Your Daily Dose of Olive Oil – Scientific American

Not sure I’d call olive oil “trendy” after all this time, but still the information from this latest piece on Scientific American reminds us just how important it is. A new twist on an old proverb: some olive oil today keeps the doctor away.

Olive Oil Source Introduces White Peach Balsamic Vinegar

I love this vinegar. It’s the perfect start to a summer dressing with extra virgin olive oil and any salad topped with fresh raspberries.

Salty-Sweet Olives at the Best Restaurant in the World – Zester Daily

Anne Willan, fellow contributor at Zester Daily, points us in the direction of a great Spanish destination where olives abound.

The Greek Oil You Should Buy Right Now – Zester Daily

Nancy Harmon Jenkins posits strong reasons for supporting the Greek olive oil community. Give her applause and the Greek producers a hand.

Oleocanthal in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Protect Against Alzheimer’s – Huffington Post

Years ago, a small grower in California pointed me to this idea that oleocanthal was the real power behind the value of olive oil. Fortunately, he has been proven right.

Is the Secret to Olive Oil in its Scent? – New York Times

If you have ever had the opportunity to smell freshly-pressed oil straight from the mill, you’ll know this is true.

More Parents Purchasing Organic Products – Progressive Grocer

Parents start springtime with the right approach – get more organic fruits and vegetables in front of their kids.

5 Reasons to use Social Media for Selling – SCORE

Why going for the sale is ignored in too many social media suggestions, I’ll never know. But the best marketing is only as good as the sales it generates.

Specialty Food Sales Reach Record Highs – Supermarket News

Artisanal olive oil producers have reached a sweet spot in attention. Big media attention and buying trends are at a paradigm shift – all in favor of buying the best and healthiest.

The Transformational Power of the Right Spice – New York Times

2013 is the year of spice and this hip little shop in New York has peaked at just the right time.

Consumers Think Green when Purchasing – Environmental Leader

If you think the green revolution is passé, think again. Consumers are demanding than you pay attention to it if you want their business.

Families Increasingly Concerned About Unlabeled GMOs –

Well, at least for the time being, we can trust that centuries-old olive trees haven’t been adulterated with GMO practices. Now if we could just get importers to tell the truth abut what’s in the bottle.

10 Tips for Using Twitter Like a Pro –

Not earth-shatteringly new ideas, but important things to remember if you want to do business on Twitter.

Mediterranean Plant Diet can be Much Easier on the Wallet –

Creating a fat wallet is the best result of a healthy diet, according to this research. Makes sense to me.

Some People Really Can Taste the Rainbow – National Public

I’m not saying it’s the only reason to taste olive oil in blue glass so that you can’t see the color, but this phenomenon could have a connection to the idea.

Buzzwords, Defined – QSR

When descriptors like “artisan” and “local” are co-opted by the biggest brands, do the terms lose their meaning and value? Last month, I gave a speech to a group of olive oil producers and raised this very subject. Just be aware that when you rely on popular phrases, they won’t always convey the “truth”.

Smells for Satiety: Olive Oil Aroma Could Help – Food

I bet this doesn’t work when you are sampling wine. #Olive oil continues to impress and amaze. It truly is the greatest superfood.