Marketing with 21st Century Tools

The internet is awash with information about the wonders of social networks as inexpensive, effective media vehicles to get a marketing message out over the digital airwaves. But with all that bewildering volume, it sometimes helps to step back and put these tools into context.

Start by focusing on the basics: define who you want to reach and what you want to say – in simple, memorable ways – about whatever it is you are trying to sell. Marketing is not really more complicated than that.

In a recent presentation I gave to members of the California Olive Oil Council during their 20th anniversary meeting held in Monterey California, I concentrated on three things:

  • Simplify your message by making it mnemonic: In my case, it was about selling one extra liter of oil to every existing customer in order to increase overall sales volume by 50-100%. For the audience, it was about focusing on three basic messages about their brands.
  • Leverage your existing loyal customers into a powerful word-of-mouth sales force.
  • Use as many social media tools as you can manage. In other words, be wherever they are.

It is equally important to take the concept of “keeping it simple” to the next level – how to manage, monitor and measure any social marketing campaign. For many small producers and entrepreneurs, this is the real challenge but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Leveraging your brand fans and friends into a powerful sales force is made easier with free scheduling dashboard software like Hootsuite™. Coordinating your email campaign through services like Constant Contact™ take the time-consuming details out of the equation.

Nothing feels better than a little validation, so in addition to some great feedback I got from the audience, I felt particularly proud that the very next morning, eMarketer published the results of new research that pointed out how important loyal customers and brand advocates are to the sales process. It’s always great to feel like I’m on the right track.

If you missed the presentation or just want a refresher, you can access the PDF by just clicking here Marketing with 21st Century Tools .



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