Apple Cider Gets Dressed Up for Holiday Parties

November 28, 2012

When apple cider is pressed from an orchard full of heirloom varieties, the result has all the complexities of the best vintage red wine, but the finish is as crisp and clean as water from a spring-fed stream. Cider this good can be served ice-cold in a glass and downed in one long draw, making it the simplest of holiday drinks.

But as good as it is, there’s still room for embellishment. Cider — hard or sweet — is enjoying a revival as the new “it” libation among the growing gluten-free crowd. And five minutes of prep time now will yield the perfect cocktail for a holiday party weeks away.

The full story can be viewed directly on the Zester Daily website, along with a whole host of other wonderful culinary adventures penned by some of the best food writers in the business.


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