About Caroline J. Beck

If there is an area of marketing that Caroline has not dealt with, it would be hard to find. Over the past 30 years, Ms. Beck has held top posts with leading technology and entertainment companies where she gained extensive experience in bringing new products to market and guiding them to success.

An expert in developing and implementing business and marketing strategies, Beck specializes in launching cutting-edge products and providing strategic direction for entrepreneurial and established companies – from specialty food businesses like The Olive Oil Source and packaged goods classics like Dannon Yogurt to technology giants like Sony Pictures, Microsoft and Apple Computer.

Throughout her career, Beck’s writing focused on the smartest approaches to successful business and marketing practices, but in recent years, she has also turned her attention to a personal passion for travel, food and wine. Articles and columns penned by Ms. Beck have appeared in many publications, including the Huffington Post, msn.com, Zester Daily, Food52, Olive Oil Times, the Santa Ynez Valley Journal, Michigan BLUE – Michigan’s Lakestyle Magazine, and The Olive Oil Source, the world’s top-ranked olive oil-related website. In addition to her advisory practice and writing, she is a frequent speaker on marketing practices for both the technology and specialty food industries. Her most recent past life included an olive ranch and a thriving business in olive oil and specialty foods.

Caroline J. Beck, who was born in 1956, grew up in Michigan, and was educated at University of Michigan, University of California and Cordon Bleu, Paris. She is currently living in Alicante, Spain.

Her adventures in Spain can be followed on her travel blog, www.tapas42.com. Selected photography from her portfolio can be viewed directly at www.cjbeck.500px.com.

Business Planning

You have an idea for a business – whether it’s a new service or product invention. You need to assess how valuable that idea is and whether it can pass the test for success. There are a few critical steps to consider before investing that can make the difference between profitability and chapter 11, and nothing more important than building a fully vetted business plan. In the PORTFOLIO, you will find white papers, e-book excerpts and seminar summaries that can help direct your thinking. If you want to take it further and have a coach to guide you through the process, Caroline consults with companies big and small to help manage growth, product development and new, profitable directions. She would love to speak you to about your business challenge.


Professionally-photographed images telegraph the first impression anyone will have about you or your business. In a world populated by “selfies” and phone “snaps”, quality visuals set your story and website apart from the competition. If you are developing an internet presence and need help creating personal or product imagery that matches your style, Caroline can capture that brand identity in arresting pictures. If you are looking to tell a story in pictures and words for publication in print or the internet, she can help you bring that story to life.

Specialty Food Marketing

There are few business categories that evoke more passion than specialty foods. Most brands are created out of a personal desire to explore the most fundamental of human interests: sustenance with style. As the gourmet industry has exploded, so have the number of “experts” on every subject from goji beans to saffron threads. This industry, however, also has one of the highest failure rates, second only to restaurants. Caroline has in-depth experience in the specialty food marketplace, having created and run a highly successful venture of her own, Cook & Ladder. She actively consults with specialty food companies looking for an advantage in this highly competitive field.

Journalist & Author

Whether she is on assignment for a lifestyle or travel magazine, penning her column, HOMEGROWN, about local farmers and winemakers that bring the season’s best ingredients to the table, or masterminding the latest “must-do” business strategy for entrepreneurs in a 21st century world, Caroline’s writing brings to life the aromas, ingredients and imagination that great writing requires. Whether she’s musing about food or business, her writing always follows the same philosophy. Good writing makes you hungry. Great writing makes you get up, go to the kitchen and start cooking.

Speaking Engagements

Caroline is a frequent speaker on subjects as varied as social media, specialty foods marketing, and technology trends. Her deep experience in business development has lent keen insights to industry and educational conferences. With strong presentation skills that synthesize core concepts and simplify complex issues, she offers a strong and memorable contribution to any seminar, symposium, trade show or public event.